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Premium Bathroom Renovations in Winnipeg

We at Nordic Plumbing offer premium bathroom renovations to the homeowners in Winnipeg. Over the years, we have provided bathroom renovations to numerous clients and gradually developed an understanding of our clients' tastes and requirements. When you choose us for your bathroom renovation in Winnipeg, we assist you at every step of the way. Our team inspects your property and checks for any underlying issues such as mould or discolouration. They then craft a renovation plan that meets your unique taste, budget, needs and lifestyle. Our team works hard to make your dream bathroom come to life. 

Our bathroom renovations strive for the perfect harmony between style and utility. We upgrade the look of your property and make your bathroom more comfortable. If you're considering bathroom renovations in Winnipeg, please get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Why Choose a Bathroom Renovation?

If you're on the fence regarding the renovation of your bathroom, please consider the following benefits it can offer:

Increased Utility
You can upgrade your bathroom to meet your unique demands. For instance, if you're someone with mobility issues, you can adjust the height of your shower or convert it into a hand-held one.
Removal of Unwanted Features
You can reduce the clutter in your bathroom by removing features that you don't require anymore. For instance, you can remove your tub to add a shower with ultra-modern features.
Elimination of Underlying Issues
A bathroom renovation is a great way to address and deal with any underlying issues such as the build-up of mould and mildew.
Reduction of the Water Bill
You can take care of problems such as leaky pipes and install the right faucets to eliminate water wastage in your bathroom.
Increased Property Value
A modern and well-functioning bathroom dramatically drives up the value of your property.
Improved Look
Lastly, you can convert your bathroom to match your individual taste.


There are endless features you can add to your bathroom, including:

Modernized shower system
that is controlled by your smartphone
Modular shower
that meets your budget and add a contemporary touch
Personalized shower
that reflects your preferences such as multiple showerheads and a steam feature
A stylish tub
with options such as whirlpool and jet for increased luxury
Faucets with motion detector systems
that offer more comfort and ease of use
Lighting changes
that luminate the design of your bathroom

If you’d like to know more about what you can do with your bathroom, please contact us.

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