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Pump Services in Winnipeg

At Nordic Plumbing, we have several years of experience in meeting plumbing requirements, including those concerning pumps, of residential properties in Winnipeg. Our workmen know how to work with pumps of all the types of common brands and models. Once you give us the go-ahead after we provide you with a free estimate, we commit ourselves to provide you with high-quality services with minimum downtime. We carry out each job with the utmost attention to detail and focus on optimizing your home's plumbing system.

If you are a homeowner requiring pump repair or installation services in Winnipeg, contact us today.

Types of Pumps

Our team can repair, replace and install several types of pumps, including:

Jet Pump
A jet pump is placed close to the pressure tank inside homes with non-municipal systems as their main sources of water.
Circulating Pump
As the name suggests, a circulating pump quickly carries hot water to all the areas of your house using a high-power pump.
Booster Pump
A booster pump improves the water pressure in your home, especially useful for multi-level houses.
Sump Pump
A sump pump is used to remove the water when it gets collected in areas in your home, such as the basement.
Submersible Pump
A submersible pump is utilized to push water over long distances or higher elevations, particularly lakes, wells and river water systems.
drain cover

Unclog the Sewer and Drain System

We can improve the functioning of your home’s drains and sewers with our cleaning services.

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